Two Vegans And Two Omnivores Go To The Park….

Sometimes you are just looking for some simple summertime fun. That was why we decided to take one daughter and a friend to Indian Creek Park. The park has a lot of great features but the draw on this day was the rope swing over the creek.

There is a section of the creek where the water gets much deeper and some industrious person climbed an overhanging tree and put up a rope swing. In the photos you may see that they even put up a “latter” to help climb the tree.

All Together Travels With Slack Line and Rope Swing

Inspired by the hot afternoon we quickly packed some snacks and headed out. Below you will see photos of the vegan snacks: homemade humus, crackers, carrots, fig bars, granola bars, and peanut butter cup energy bites. The energy bites are something new that I had been wanting to try. They turned out great! The recipes is so easy too. Even though our plans were last minute I was able to whip these up quickly. The most time consuming thing was letting the dates soak, which I did while packing up other things. I will definitely be making these again. Truly, I will have to because Michael ate the entire container (except the 2.5 that I ate) by the end of the day. I found the recipe at which I’ve been finding a lot a great recipes at lately.

You can also see the omnivore’s snacks. There are: barbecue chips, cheese cracker “whales”, granola bars, and turkey sandwiches (which included homemade bread from daughter).

You can see how we have a very eclectic mix of homemade and preservative rich options. Please also note that while there are plastic disposable water bottles we also packed 4 of our own water bottles.

Off we went on our adventure! We arrived, set up the slack line and the picnic blanket, then I saw it…a snake. Now I’m an outdoorsey kind of person, so I’m not going to expect to be in the woods (or suburban park) and not ever come across common wild life. This, however, was a water moccasin. He didn’t have a care in the world as he swam with the current down stream past the rope swing. Even though he passed us by it was a game changer. So we played around on the slack line and ate the snacks then left the park never having gotten in the water.

So there’s the plan…then there is what really happens. We still had a good day. The kids learned how to identify a water moccasin and I tried out a great new vegan snack option. I’ll have to think of some other near to home, cheap, or free summer adventure options because we are currently saving for our 2020 Disney Cruise!!

Adventure is allowing the unexpected happen to you

Richard Aldington

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